About Us


Welcome to 802aerial®, a little bit about us, we offer high quality aerial photography and videography for real estate, events, and property inspections in the Burlington, Vermont area. Honest work ethics combined with taking the time to do your job right, and listening to what you need are the basis of all our client relationships.

At 802aerial®, we offer our customers fast and easy access to unbeatable prices for any of their aerial needs. 802aerial®, was created in response to the growing demand in aerial services, providing quality service that exceeds industry standards. We work with advertising and marketing companies, production houses, real estate agencies and businesses that look for a new way to enhance their marketing material. We provide aerial assistance for marketing and advertising firms looking to add a new dimension that isn’t expensive. Our goal is to help the customer take advantage of every resource available and bring their project to a new level with aerial video capturing stunning views from strategic vantage points or whatever project they are working on. If you are looking for experienced and reliable company specialized on aerial services, look no further, 802aerial® is here for you.